Gig update…O2, C.I. and ALLO!

Judy Dyble and bandWe’re back at the O2 – Judy Dyble and friends – 2.30pm on Sunday 16th March in the WM Jazz Club beneath the Water Margin Restaurant.  We’ll be playing new tracks from Flow and Change, tracks from Talking with Strangers – and few oldies from Fairport Convention and Giles, Giles & Fripp.

The WM Jazz Club can be found by turning right at the main O2 entrance and it’s just past the Indigo, on your left.

See the panel on the left for news of my next Colchester gig – with Matyas and the Hybrid Mind, Wed 26th March 7.30pm. Click here for tickets (£4 each).

In other exciting news, David J. Brown and his combo – alightlefton are playing the Montreux Jazz Café in Harrods, 5-6pm on Saturday 26th April. It should be a lovely session. Check out the band with my strings for their lovely track, Exit Through the Fairground below. You can buy merch here.

ALLO Harrods

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