Epic Lunchtime Season 3 Podcast 3

On today’s Epic Lunchtime radio show, Phil brings you the first part of his A-Z of epic film soundtracks and Scott teaches the Three Rs: Reboots, Remakes ‘n’ Reimaginings. They are joined in the studio by guest Doug Cairns for an epic tracklist, witty banter, the ELT News and the occasional FACT!

Keep in touch via the facebook page: www.facebook.com/epiclunchtime
Normal show times are Saturday 12-2pm via Red Radio at the University of Essex.
Links will be on facebook to listen live if we make it on time!

Update: Thanks to Alisa Stern, our New York friend from Doctor Puppet – the unanswered questions are: Forrest Gump showed his butt to Lyndon Johnson, the Gone With The Wind fire was set in Atlanta and Pixar’s A113 is a classroom at CalArts. Thanks Alisa!

Epic Lunchtime Radio Show Season 3 – November 15th 2014 by Epic Lunchtime Radio Show on Mixcloud

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