No Looking Back Review

Multi-instrumentalist Peter Appleyard has released an excellent collection of his latest tracks entitled “No Looking Back” including “Ghosts” with a string arrangement by yours truly performed by Steve Bingham and Brenda Stewart, who are great as always.

You can buy the digital download on iTunes for £7.99 or CD here for £10 + p’n’p.

One by One is a toe-tapping narrative reminiscent of ’90s Britpop, Coming Up for Air has a great groove and is rich in harmonies with lovely guitar and brass lines. Ordinary is the catchy first single with a fun animated video (below). In These Times has a positive message which builds to an almost-Gospel like chorus. Live This Together is another upbeat summer song. Ghosts brings back memories of George Harrison hence my Beatlesque string arrangement. Stevie and the Princess is fast growing to be my favourite track, varied with its opening ballad then pounding rhythms and sweet trumpet solo. Pandas is hypnotic in its steady lilt and lonely message. Cathedral Cove, an atmospheric instrumental interlude, breaks new ground with darker harmonies and atmospheric string pads and solo guitar. The final track is Flames Against the Sun, a live dance track, not dissimilar to the four chord groove of Ghosts but lifted by the great bridge and powerful ending to bring the album to a close.

Overall, it’s a great album – upbeat and very well produced by “Peter @” and Jonny Cole. Peter has an effortless voice which is engaging and his lyrical style is catchy and meaningful. There is a clear songwriting style with an almost flawless performance from the team of skilled musicians.


Here’s a taster of the stringy section of “Ghosts”:

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