Hunting High and Low on eBay

Since 1985, I’ve been a fan of a-ha and recently I decided to fulfil some OCD nature of mine and collect the missing 7″ and 12″ records and picture discs from my teenage vinyl collection and some missing CDs. This ground breaking Norwegian pop trio have recently announced a come back tour and album “Cast in Steel” for 2016 after a 25 year career ending in 2011. I’ve decided (on a financial level) not to try and find every possible release of the recordings but to get the main ones and the newly to-be-released original LPs at the end of May.  I always found the tactile nature of records and CD much more satisfying then downloads – well, we didn’t have downloads in 1985! Cue the ongoing audiophile debate about audio quality of vinyl vs CDs…

Look out for a violin cover version with Steve Bingham soon in time for Take On Me’s 30th anniversary in the summer.

String arrangements on a-ha tracks – listen to Hunting High & Low (single), The Blood That Moves the Body (original), The Living Daylights (single with John Barry), Waiting for Her (by David Bedford), Summer Moved On, Angel in the Snow and synth strings on The Sun Always Shines on TV.

Meanwhile, here are some of my favourites in the collection. Click for a closer look.

Take on Me 2015 Picture Disc Side ATake on Me 2015 Picture Disc Side AATake On Me 7" 1985 v3

Take On Me - JapaneseTake On Me 12" issue 2Hunting High and Low inner sleeve

The Sun Always Shines on TVHunting High and LowThe Living Daylights

Cry WolfCosy PrisonsAnalogue


The Living Daylights with bullet holesCelice Remixes 1/3I've Been Losing You US version

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