Blog to the Future Part III

10424307_10152750928280490_2113645971015242974_nBack to the Future – Future Day is nearly upon us and here are the latest videos spotted around the web.

Michael J. Fox & Christopher Lloyd talking about the film (full version will be released on the 21st October via the Toyota website…)

Doc Brown Saves The World (teaser) from the new boxset

Documentary: Filming Johnny B. Goode and the Pinheads scene

Documentary: Clocktower lighting strike

Documentary: Clocktower Art of the Scene

Parody Teaser: Stadler Toyota

Three tributes from Mercedes re their new autonomous car

Biff – Thomas F. Wilson interviewed about his new voice work for the remastered Telltame Game – BTTF.

Cartoon skit on Back to the Future in ACTUAL 2015

Joe Gaudet – Vocal Impersonator

Eddie Van Halen’s “Out of the Window” improv as used by “Darth Vader”

Fancy buying Biff’s BMW? Only £10,000 on auction…

Two music videos – the great mix “Time Machine” by Pogo

and Eclectic Method’s Back to the Future Remix


Lego Dimensions: Marty

And by Wednesday 21st October 2015 – the Los Angeles photos!


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