Phil’s Tricky Back to the Future Quiz

IMG_6679As many people know, I’m a Back to the Future superfan. I’ve driven around Los Angeles finding filming locations, I’ve collected prop replicas and many editions of the soundtrack, of which I’m passionate. Here’s a quiz for all those film buffs to see how much additional knowledge you have over the standard BTTF trivia! Scroll done for the answers!

1. Who was originally cast as Marty McFly but fired after 6 weeks of filming, resulting in Michael J. Fox successfully getting the role?

2. How many actresses were cast as Jennifer Parker, Marty’s girlfriend?

3. In the early draft of the script, what was the name and animal that Doc had as his pet?

4. On Doc Brown’s 1955 sketch of the Flux Capacitor, what is its original name?

5. Part II and Biff’s rise to power was an ironically accurate portrayal of which famous person?

6. What was the date of the highly anticipated Future Day (the date that Marty arrived in future Hill Valley)?

7. In the early draft of the script, what was the time machine made from?

8. What’s odd about the speedometer of the Delorean, considering the speed of time travel is 88MPH?

9. Name the four scientists that Doc Brown has framed as pictures in his house/lab?

10. There were 3 main Deloreans used: A (The hero car for close ups), B (the driving stunt car) and C (the cutaway studio car for close ups) but for which scenes was the lighter fibreglass version used?

11. What was the surname of the 1885 newspaper journalist, based on the “two Bobs”?

12. Chuck Berry’s cousin was the lead singer of the Starlighters band at the 1955 dance but what was his first name?

13. What was the surname of Lou from Lou’s Cafe in 1955?

14. George McFly, Crispin Glover was not re-hired for Part II and III but why did he successfully sue the production afterwards?

15. Name the 3 items in Doc Brown’s suitcase, taken from 1985 to 1955.

16. Who played George McFly in Part II and III?

17. What was the name of Doc’s 1955 dog?

18. The clockhouse cat statues were used previous in the film The Cat People but recently a pink version of the statue was used in which DC superhero TV series?

19. What was the name of the optical motion-camera technology created for Part II to allow actors to play opposite themselves such as Old/Young Biff, Marty/Marty Jr?

20. Which voice actor portrayed Marty McFly in the Telltale series Back to the Future The Game?

21. What was the name of Marty’s daughter in Part II?

22. Marty’s own bully, Needles is played by Michael Peter Balzary but he is better known as a member of which band?

23. What is clever about the 3 members of Needles’ gang in the 1985 Rolls Royce scene?

24. Until BTTF, Courthouse Square on the Universal backlot, was known for its used in which 1962 film (although it was built in 1948)?

25. The pilot episode of which cult TV sci-fi series featured a man who was trapped in limbo in the town square backlot location?



















1. Eric Stoltz. Michael J. Fox was originally requested but was too busy with Family Ties at the time

2. Three – Melora Hardin was cast opposite Eric Stoltz, Claudia Wells (Part I) and Elizabeth Shue (Part II & III)

3. Shemp, a monkey

4. Flux Compressor

5. Donald Trump

6. October 21st 2015

7. A fridge. They changed this as they didn’t want kids to lock themselves in fridges and a car would be more useful for getting around. Nuking the fridge was eventually referenced in Indiana Jones IV when Indy climbs into it and the village is caught in a nuclear bomb test

8. The speedometer only goes up to 85MPH on a standard Delorean

9. Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton and Thomas Edison

10. In Part II, the fibreglass version was hung on wires for the flying scenes (e.g. in 2015 Hill Valley, before the 1955 tunnel chase and when Biff tries to shoot Marty on the roof in 1985A)

11. Zale’s (Zemeckis and Gale)

12. Marvin

13. Caruthers

14. They used footage of George (in 1985 and at the 1955 Dance) from Part I in Part II without his permission/payment, which initiated new laws about image/usage consent

15. Hairdryer, cotton underwear and a Playboy magazine

16. Jeffrey Weissman

17. Copernicus

18. Supergirl

19. Vistaglide

20. AJ Locascio

21. Marlene

22. Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers

23. Needle’s 1985 gang is comprised from the actors who played members of Biff’s gang (Skinhead), Griff’s gang (Data) and Buford’s gang (Stubble)

24. Mockingbird Square from To Kill A Mockingbird

25. The Twilight Zone

How did you do?

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