Review: Ryan Yard single

Screenshot 2018-12-01 at 10.11.24 AMI believe Ryan Yard is a musician who, like me, immerses himself in a style (or soundworld) and his music feeds his emotional and creative needs until the next time when he can inherit the next style. I met Ryan at the Tubular Bells 45th Anniversary convention in Newbury in June 2018 but have been enjoying his music for about 3 years – with classical string and piano writing (The Nature of Solitude), his M.A.C.O. concept album and the minimalist and Oldfield inspired recent albums. Ryan doesn’t plagiarise but draws deep into the styles and makes you remember the feeling of listening to those favourite tracks of the 1970s or 1980s.

In the new single release (1st Dec 2018) The Boy Inside The Machine, he features three tracks and states that “The album originally titled Kaleidoscope is a colourful and exciting new album full of twists and turns and features two long tracks drawing upon symphonic and electronic progressive rock.”

The Boy Inside The Machine Part One (Extract)

A head nodding and toe tapping track with simple and minimalist piano chords, proggy guitar ideas and Reich-like vibraphone really gets the groove going. Ryan’s great use of technology doesn’t get in the way or show off as a nice bit of filtering just colours the sound perfectly before getting back to the main sections.

The Boy Inside The Machine Part Three

Continuing the piano and vibraphone vibe, a Trevor Horn-esque track includes vocoder and a great Ringo Starr heavy beat. Combine that with prog lead synth lines and epic pipe organ and you’ve got one hell of a track that takes me straight back to the 1970s/1980s – full of The Buggles and Dave Grusin. Does Rick Wakeman make a cameo at the end?!

The Boy Inside The Christmas Tree

Composed for this single release, we’re getting in the Christmas spirit with lush Eb major piano chords, choir and organ with undulating synths and pleasant glockenspiel melodies. A welcome return to guitar collaborator Justin Towell on electric and acoustic guitars. Great track!

Ryan’s single is available on Bandcamp for £2 for all 3 tracks or £1 per track. Buy it here!

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