Tubular Bells 47th Anniversary

Happy 47th anniversary to Tubular Bells – 25th May 1973! We have put up a good few videos on our Tubular Bells Live Facebook page with my main message hitting over 5200 videos in the first week.

Here is that video on YouTube…

As part of an international new project: and my cover of Basses from Part 1 with Rich Nolan on drums (mixed by Scott Ampleford and video by Guy Eade, the band’s trusted roadie and tour van driver!).

Here is our cover of Russian (the guitar intro to the finale of Part 1) performed by Steve Smith, Steve Bingham, Brenda Stewart and James Stiring (with audio and video editing by Steve Smith). Enjoy!

And to finish with here’s our promo for our forthcoming 2021 gig(s) – hoping to be at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester as soon as we can get a date booked!

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