Back to the Future Soundtracks Part II

Last week, I was drooling over the UK Mondo rerelease of the BTTF soundstracks on gorgeous gatefold vinyl. Today, we have the original LPs, single releases and the Japanese laserdiscs! The original albums on LP, CD and cassette match with their track listings – (see last week for the details). The key feature is Drew Struzan’s glorious artwork, traditionally painted with airbrush after pencil sketches (his book is available and features sketches, drafts, unused concepts and final posters!).

The 2015 picture disc and original 1985 LP release

The much imitated Marty at the Delorean with his shades and his watch complete with orange/red “life preserver” is based on a photo of Marty on set. For Part II, there was a costumed photo shoot with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, which was the first time that actors had ever posed for a poster for Drew Struzan.

Strike a pose…

After adding Doc to the poster, Struzan was trying all sorts of ideas – my favourite is the horse looking over Doc’s shoulder. However, someone pointed out that he had painted 1 actor for Part I, 2 actors for Part II so Part III should feature Marty, Doc and Mary Steenburgen. You can see the craft knife marks on the original paper of the poster artwork, where Clara has been cut out and inserted behind Doc.

The original LPs for Part II and Part III
The UK and the German 12″ releases of The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News
The 7″ and two 12″ releases of Doubleback (one with a Free poster) – as heard in the end credits of Part III (and in the hoe-down).

Next – a few photos of the Japanese Laserdiscs – including Freak Quizzes!

Part I
Part II – Check out the Freak Quiz!
Part III – Back to the Future “Freak Chapter”
Ironically, there are bundles of laserdiscs being recycled in the alley where they leave Jennifer in Part II along with sillicone breast implants!
Finally, the US release of the Mondo Trilogy boxset. More glorious artwork.
The US Mondo Trilogy boxset 2015

Next time – the CDs and anything else I’ve missed!!

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