Phil Toms: Wind Suites

Finally after a delay of one year due to Covid, we have finally released my new Wind CD “Wind Suites” performed by the Maestro Wind Quintet.

It features a new Prelude for Wind Quintet, a Quartet written in 2008-2010 and a new suite called the Four Seasons for Wind Quintet based on 4 friends – like Elgar did with the Engima variations – but can you decipher the musical codes?

Thanks to Steve Bingham from record label (Con Brio) and engineer / editor Mark Fawcett from Fish Need Snorkels for superb work piecing it all together. Ailsa Clarke contributed the cover design to complement her work on the Episodes for Strings CD. Here’s a preview:

You can buy it direct online (streaming) from Amazon Prime Music Unlimited, iTunes aka Apple Music and Spotify. If you find me on social media you can pay for a CD or two for £10 each. There is a reprint of only 50 Strings CDs with an updated case (I have a beard now!) and they sit very nicely on the shelf. The music is part modern, part happy listening and part clever “classical” – which means a bit Baroque, a bit Romantic, a bit ragtime and a bit popular! It’s a bit of everything.

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