Review: Carrie Melbourne – Can Dance A Little

Singer songwriter, guitarist, pianist and former 1990s bass player for Mike Oldfield, Carrie Melbourne has found time between lockdowns to release a subtly impressive album of spiritual music covering delicate acoustic numbers and catchy Latin American grooves. Supported by Doug Melbourne (synths and production), Jamie Fisher (drums and percussion), Nigel Appleton (guitar) and Tony Patterson (vocals), it’s a gem to listen to.

5 stars ***** – This album perfectly mixes a wealth of faithful worship songs with acoustic delights, synthy layers and light Latin American grooves.

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Here’s a brief track by track review:

1: More Than A Friend – Many of these songs will be welcome in a modern church service, although they may not have been written purely for that purpose. “Why create art?” says Carrie “Because you must”.

2: Clear Blue – A positive song during the midst of darkness (lockdown). Great country acoustic feel with a hint of McCartney.

3: Arbella – This shines a light with its epic chorus arrangement, compared with its gentle verse. Is this about Lady Arbella Stuart?

4: Crazy For You – Cheerful Latin love song. So catchy.

5: Lockdown – The ticking clock of the metronome is watching as time passes. A plea for strength and hope in times of trial.

6: Only Ever You – Another great Latin groovy love song, each one distinguishable from the others and instantly singable!

7: One Man – I love this lilting song of thanks. Carrie has a quietly impressive understanding of harmonies and they support the faith-ful lyrics and lead the song. A lovely arrangement too of voices and wind with a great electric guitar solo which doesn’t take over.

8: Tell Me – I love the modern mix of Nord synth textures and the Latin groove, the whole Amin7 D7 pattern just lilts along, supporting the delicate vocals.

9: Star To Me – Carrie’s gentle voice fits perfectly with this worthy worship song about unconditional, love rooted in a strong tonic pedal with her inspiration being the bright morning dog star Sirius bonded to Orion. I love the synth layers and the mono-synth solo.

10: Sigueme – “follow me” – A great Latin groove contemplating Jesus’ words. Lovely descending Latin harmonies with vibes and organs.

11: River – Probably my favourite track owing to its Beatles feel and real Mellotron, this is a great ballad in my favourite key of Db major.

12: Stronger Now – A great song coming out of 2020 and lockdown: Hope for the future in Heaven above – with a great positive drum groove, harps and a wash of angelic background vocals.

13: Good As New – A final acoustic Latin track to complete the album, this perfectly matches the cyclical harmony with the carefully chosen instrumentation to help drift off into the evening…

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