Oblivion soundtrack

Oblivion – Music by Joseph Trapanese & Anthony Gonzalez (M83)

Thanks to my Sibelius software wanting an update, I stumbled across this Sibelius blog where composer/arranger Joseph Trapanese discusses the pros (and cons) of scoring blockbuster films (aka Oblivion) in Sibelius.  He previously worked with director Josepsh Kosinski on Tron Legacy, where you can notice some pleasing simararities with his orchestration and development of the Daft Punk material.

The pièce de résistance is actually the official inclusion of the 22 page PDF of the “Aerial Battle” draft full score from Jan ’13. It’s missing some of the ascending horn and string lines which add a melodic flavour to the Dies Irae ostinato strings and good old taiko drums (“Is it Bear McCreary?” I hear you ask!). As well as perc, rhythm and lots of synth/electrics, there’s a huge brass section with 8 horns, 6 trombones, a cimbasso and a couple of trumpets for good measure.

Here is a picture from the Sibelius Blog with the link to the official download:


Trapanese mentions using the Explode function in Sibelius; I used it today for exploding a piano part into vocal lines and it’s very flexible and saves all that messing about with filtering top notes and pasting etc. Thumbs up to the people at NYC Music Services for the (independent) Sibelius Blog!

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