Soundtrack Challenge Week 2

Soundtrack Challenge

Every day in June via the Facebook page for the Film Music and Soundtrack Production BA(Hons) at Colchester Institute, I will be posting a cryptic clue to a certain soundtrack cue. Your role is to decipher the clue and find the correct scene/soundtrack cue on YouTube and post it on Facebook as a reply to the clue.

This page is open to all with a passion for everything cinematic including TV, radio and video games – not just for the degree students, so please “like” the page and join in the fun!

I’ll post them here too for those without Facebook. Check back every day for the next clue, the previous answer and the Hall of Fame!

8.   If you choose to accept it, you two can light the fuse in this not irregular version of the first impossible reboot. Highlight for answer: Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen (U2)’s version of the theme from Mission: Impossible

9. Ho ho! The dieting bass player from “the fourth best band in Hull” can can can use his Atari to create this sampled masterpiece from the Red Windmill! Why? Because! Highlight for answer: Fat Boy Slim’s Can Can from Moulin Rouge!

10. Next C.L.U.: This stupid anarchist has left a legacy so you’d better put a tracker on, slowly. Highlight for answer: Adagio for Tron from Tron Legacy by Daft Punk

11. Transformed princess puts Central Park under a spell with a musical flashmob. Highlight for answer: How Does She Know (Alan Menken) from Enchanted.

12. Little Jack’s 200 year old android’s dying present sounds like Gabriel’s Oboe! Highlight for answer: The Gift of Mortality from James Horner’s score to Bicentennial Man

13. Unlucky for the Goblin King, this time it’s amazing! Highlight for answer: Thirteen O’Clock from Labyrinth – Music by David Bowie and a Score by Ex-York Masters student Trevor Jones

14. 65 million years ago we were saved by Marc Bolan’s group and had some top beer. Highlight for answer: Jurassic Park – T-Rex Rescue and Finale by John Williams

Tune in tomorrow for the next clue!

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