Soundtrack Challenge Week 3

Soundtrack Challenge

Every day in June via the Facebook page for the Film Music and Soundtrack Production BA(Hons) at Colchester Institute, I will be posting a cryptic clue to a certain soundtrack cue. Your role is to decipher the clue and find the correct scene/soundtrack cue on YouTube and post it on Facebook as a reply to the clue.

This page is open to all with a passion for everything cinematic including TV, radio and video games – not just for the degree students, so please “like” the page and join in the fun!

I’ll post them here too for those without Facebook. Check back every day for the next clue, the previous answer and the Hall of Fame!

16. Agfa processed in 60 mins? Check the cast list for Robin Williams. Highlight for answer: One Hour Photo – Rheinhold Heil & Johnny Klimek: End Credits

17. A German, Mr Mann, gets dizzy when translating a love scene into French! – Highlight for answer: Bernard Hermann’s Scene d’Amour from Vertigo

18. Sad French people sing about twilight. – Highlight for answer: Les Miserables – At the End of the Day (Alain Boublil & Claude Michel Schönberg)

19. Henry Fielding’s book about a competitive vocal Welshman fainting after singing about a lottery prize draw! Highlight for answer: Tom Jones – Thunderball

20. In 1984, royal Freddie had his heart broken by Superman’s favourite city. Highlight for answer: Freddie Mercury – Love Kills from Georgio Moroder’s Metropolis

21 Life’s a beach when a quiet Hunter and a Rogue child can’t make a key note speech. Highlight for answer: The Piano (Beach Scene) by Michael Nyman

Tune in tomorrow for the next clue!

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