Soundtrack Challenge Week 4

Soundtrack Challenge

Every day in June via the Facebook page for the Film Music and Soundtrack Production BA(Hons) at Colchester Institute, I will be posting a cryptic clue to a certain soundtrack cue. Your role is to decipher the clue and find the correct scene/soundtrack cue on YouTube and post it on Facebook as a reply to the clue.

This page is open to all with a passion for everything cinematic including TV, radio and video games – not just for the degree students, so please “like” the page and join in the fun!

I’ll post them here too for those without Facebook. Check back every day for the next clue, the previous answer and the Hall of Fame!

22. Hey Arnold!, come with me if you want2 pretend to be a famous Baroque composer. Highlight for answer: Brad Fiedel: Terminator 2 “I’ll be back”

23. mafriende – What have you got, Andy? Highlight for answer: You’ve got a friend in me by Randy Newman from Toy Story

24. Take royal pride in this Disney classic and make Room for the German stampede! You’ll just love it! Highlight for answer: The Lion King by Hans Zimmer – either Stampede or To Die For

25. A repeated queen can show quickly that we have only 14 hours to be ALIVE!!! Highlight for answer: Queen – Flash from Flash Gordon

26. Look skywards: This was recorded a long time ago and is either a physics lesson or a story about a new religion in the New Years Honours list.

27. He’s not the composer, he’s a very naughty boy! Incidentally, this record’s available in the foyer! Highlight for answer: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – Eric Idle

28. In space, no one can hear the soundtrack. Well, Ripley, it’s “enough” in French!” Highlight for answer: The Eggs (Alien) by Jerry Goldsmith

29. This incomplete recording is short on hairy feet. How shore are you concerned? Highlight for answer: Concerning Hobbits from Lord of the Rings by Howard Shore

Tune in tonight at midnight for the FINAL clue!

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