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This week I’m showcasing some of the musicians that I have worked with.

Please view online to access embedded music and videos and click their names to find out more!

Steve Bingham

Steve has appeared as guest leader with many orchestras including the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, English National Ballet and English Sinfonia. In recent years Steve has developed his interest in improvisation, electronics and World music. Steve also plays live with No-Man, the progressive art-rock duo of Tim Bowness and Steve Wilson. Steve has developed a YouTube and live concert following by performing on acoustic and electric violins and looping software both as a soloist and with poet Jeremy Harmer for “Touchable Dreams”.

Judy Dyble

Jude1aCharming folk singer formerly with Fairport Convention, Trader Horne, Giles, Giles & Fripp and more.  Now rekindling the love of songwriting and singing – even in public! Click for soundcloud.

Andy Mayell / And Infinity

The main focus of my work is based on contemporary popular music techniques in different contextual works. ‘AND INFINITY’  is a new performance and production concept of mine which involves performing original songs / works via looping and layering.  What is also key about this new concept is the openness of the music; every performance will be different and I hope to collaborate with various other artists when performing live.”

Chris Brannick

Chris Brannick – who? Percussionist, composer, singer, actor and writer, with a maths degree and a music degree. A soloist, but also a member of chamber groups: internationally renowned percussion iconoclasts ensemblebash, FourSight, a quartet blurring the edge of contemporary music, and Classic Rhythm, a maverick trio of musical magpies.


Fuzzy Beard Productions

“We specialise in score composition and sound design, with professional and affordable results available to suit all budgets. We design and sculpt musical notes to give clients a unique sonic identity. But there’s a little more to us than that. We take great pride in our compositions, and we care about what we do for you. We consult with you to maximise the potential of your investment and we design the right music for your project. Fuzzy Beard Productions will always be honest with you and share our expertise to ensure you get the best music.”

Scott Ampleford

Film music composer and voice over artist for the Doctor Puppet animated series, epic radio show host, modular synth builder and soundtrack geek. Check out this behind the scenes vlog about Doctor Puppet.

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