What next?

Phil is renowned for a quick turnaround and a high quality product but here are some helpful tips from Phil if you are interested in commissioning an arrangement:

  • Try and provide a complete track with bass line and as much instrumentation as possible so I can get the full picture of what you’re trying to say.
  • A simple change in bass note will often alter the arrangement and this can be timely to undo
  • If you have worked within music software, a midi file or Logic file can speed things up – or sometimes slow them down!
  • Is it a live recording or did you use a click track? Clicks may feel restrictive but it speeds up postproduction
  • Send me some links of tracks that inspire you and might work with the song – e.g. the style of the arrangement, fullness of texture etc.
  • What is your deadline? An arrangement may be written within a week but fixing professional musicians may take a few weeks to get it all recorded
  • Consider the logistics and cost of a large ensemble recording session compared with a live quartet or multi-tracked solo recording which can be easily controlled
  • The arrangement will have a set cost depending on the complexity of the song/arrangement but this is separate to any live recording fees and venue hire (if needed)

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