asdfmovie6 – Violin Remix

asdf violin dubFollowing the success of my violin/acoustic-dubstep arrangement of the asdfmovie6 (ass-duff-moo-vee-sicks) theme song (see below), violinist extraordinaire Steve Bingham has taken elements of the original dubstep track by LilDeuceDeuce (Todd Bryanton) and mixed the two together. It is now available on his website for downloading! Just click the pic on the left! Thanks to TomSka for suggesting my original cover!

Here are the other YouTube versions including a live collaboration. You can download some of these at my Online Store.

Original animation by TomSka:

Full theme by LilDeuceDeuce:

My violin cover for Steve Bingham:

Live remix: Steve Bingham, LilDeuceDeuce and Rob Scallon: