Reflections for FourSight

Four SightHave you ever wondered what the music in my background image sounded like?

In autumn 2012, FourSight issued a brief inviting composers to write two minute tasters of contemporary music in any style, based on one of five pieces of artwork. FourSight is Victoria Soames Samek (clarinets & saxes), Steve Bingham (acoustic violin & electric violin), Adrian Sutcliffe (piano & keyboards) and Chris Brannick (narration & percussion). FourSight is devoted to the cutting edge of contemporary music, complemented by 20th century master works with elegantly arranged jazz numbers.

My composition “Reflections” is inspired by the artwork below by Theo Kennedy Cordner and will be available to buy from iTunes during 2013. Meanwhile, here it is on SoundCloud for a free listen. Check out their website for three more “Two Minute Tasters” – especially listen out for Overheard by Timothy Cape.

Analytical note: The heart of the piece starts in the marimba in 7/8 which is layered three times (using delay if played live in concert). This is then augmented by playing it half speed in the violin (in 7/4 at the same time) and mirrored in inversion in the clarinet. A brief diversion in the middle section uses melodies that aren’t really there in the marimba but are formed by a combination of the layered notes, which our brains try to process! The opening section returns with a change of roles for everyone towards a recap of the main mirrored melody.Artwork by Theo Kennedy Cordner