Review of “Inside The Whale” – The Curator

Inside the WhaleThis just in from Alistair Murphy aka the Curator: Review by Jez Rowden from the Dutch Progressive Rock Page of the recent album “Inside the Whale and Other Songs” featuring the Toms/Bingham/Ely Sinfonia collaborations with Andy Heard on Horn, Janet Brook on Oboe and Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson/Stick Men) on drums.

Samples on my Audio page and SoundCloud.

Highlights: “For Inside the Whale and Other Songs Murphy wrote the music and lyrics with string and horn arrangements by Phil Toms, strings by Steve Bingham (who is currently a live member of No-Man) and the Ely Sinfonia…The string arrangements work very well and this piece has a feel all of its own…The scale and grandeur of the piece is not to be ignored and it certainly succeeds on all levels. The string arrangements are what really sets this album a cut above and huge amounts of credit for the end result should go to Phil Toms, Steve Bingham and The Ely Sinfonia. A highly recommended, quality album for a quiet evening at home.”

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Recording Session for Inside the Whale

Photo by Naomi Buchanan-Toms