Colchester Hospital Radio interview – A Light Left On

A Light Left OnColleague and friend, David J. Brown from A Light Left On gave an interview with Jonathan Turner from Colchester Hospital Radio recently.

Skip to 7.51 to hear the following conversation and new single (out 3rd May).

JT: So you have a new single been released.
DJB: Yeah, this is called Exit Through the Funfair. This is my first attempt at getting a string quartet to accompany what I have been doing. I’m very lucky, I’ve worked with some great people. My good friend Phil Toms has arranged the strings for me. He’s a very good arranger of strings and I had some great string players come in and play live as well, Steve Bingham and his friends did the honours.
[Track played]
JT: That was brilliant, I really enjoyed that. The strings on that are fantastic. The little ending there, that reminded me a little bit of the end of Eleanor Rigby.
DJB: Yeah, with that hung chord. Sounds really nice.
JT: So who did you use to get the strings on that?
DJB: Basically, it’s Phil Toms’ arrangement and a guy called Steve Bingham who basically played all the parts. I’m very happy with it. Sounds really nice.
JT: You should be!

Thanks to DJB and JT for the great comments! 🙂